It is all about dreams and determination

Few years ago I have decided that I want something more from my life and that I prefer to do what I want and love not what I'm told to do. 

So while I was still working in finances I have set up an etsy shop and some other online shops here in Poland to see if I can sell my first pices of jewelry like felt necklaces and bracelets. Slowly, slowly it all started to work, sells were incrieasing and demand was rising. So I was putting more ideas into shape and was creating more. I'm very determined person and set up my long term plans. My first goal was to quit my day job and live the life I want as the owner of a well prospering business based on work with my hands. I wanted to work with passion not only for money. It all came true...I have manged to turn my online shop Zojanka on Etsy into a prosperous business.
Now, sewing, creating, designing, planning is my whole life...this is how I spent every day. I work more then ever but I have never been happier.

My mum tought me everything, she is very hand skilled person. We both love handcraft, all hand made accessories and little things that can bright up our days. Today she is helping me with running the shops, doing all research stuff, keeping up with trends, and all other things. She is always on board in busy times like Christmas. In order to keep up with before Christmas rush we are getting prepared in August, planning new collections of scarves, ordering new fabrics, which are produced especially for me. Way ahead I'm making all necklaces, bracelets and other accessories, so it is all ready to be shipped in advance.

My bestsellers - infinity scarves with straps become so popular that I had to open my own website and ask my husband to help me deal with all shipping, packaging and completing of the orders ( here are our bestsellers linen scarves<br />
Now we cooperate as a good old couple, each one is responsible for different issues but still helps if anyone needs support. I'm very happy to work from home and enjoy village life with all bits. Slow life and slow food become my motto. What else I can ask for...?

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